Hunu Apparel Company


About Us

This is not about me.

Hunu is about us.  Together we are creating a new future, a new culture where everyone has their own creative platform.  Everyone is creating their own brand, their own identity of how they want to be perceived in the world.

As young creatives how do we want to be perceived?  Hunu apparel company is all about authenticity and embracing your passion, wearing your heart on your sleeve.

Hunu stands for:  Head Up. Next Up.

As young creatives, we need to hustle with our heads up.  Consciously and deliberately grinding to create change. Our work can shape the next generation of business and culture.  Keep your head up and be confident in who you are and what you want to achieve. With confidence, you can handle anything.  You are next in line. Head up. Next Up. You can’t be stopped.

I am a self-taught designer.  All the apparel is designed by me.  You don’t need a degree to be a creator.  With passion and determination, you can create anything.  All it takes is a self-starter mindset. The mindset where you tell yourself, “I don’t stop.”

Together at Hunu, we support the young creatives of the world.  The people bold enough to make a name for themselves through creative work.  The people willing to hustle with their heads held high. The people next up to break down barriers focused on breaking the mold.

Follow us on Instagram @Hunuapparel, together we are next up.   

- Jake Beman  (CEO Hunu Apparel Co.)